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Benefits of Membership – Newsletter and practical assistance

Whether you are already a beekeeper or are just taking an interest in this ancient craft, it will be to your advantage to seriously consider joining your local beekeeping association.

The Aberdeen & District Beekeepers’ Association hosts a number of meetings, lectures and demonstrations throughout the year. There you will meet experienced beekeepers willing and able to offer sound advice and assistance.

The annual cost is very reasonable (Individual Membership - £20; Household Membership £25; Juniors under 16-free) and for your subscription you will receive a monthly association newsletter and will have access to supplies of medication, winter-feed in the form of candy, and honey jars. All these items are bought in bulk and sold to members at little above cost price.

Benefits of Membership - Meetings

The Association has two main get-togethers each year. First, the Annual General Meeting in May which is well attended by members, friends and anyone interested in the work of the Association.

The second meeting is the Annual Honey Show held at the end of the season, about mid-October, when members show the best of their harvest in competition for trophies and certificates. The classes include all kinds of honey: liquid, creamed, crystallized and in the comb, together with wax, mead, baking and sweets. These are invariably enjoyable occasions, usually with a film or talk on bees or beekeeping with refreshments available.

Benefits of Membership – Other advantages

> The Association runs a series of classes for Beginners’ during the winter months. These are followed up by a series of practical demonstrations aimed at the Beginner.

> The Association has a range of equipment for use by members. This includes: honey extractors, honey presses, mini-melters, a wax extractor and a foundation press.

> Any members suspecting disease in their stocks can have free microscopic examination of sample bees..

> Members can borrow books and videos from the Association library. On request, members can also borrow books from the extensive Moir Library owned by the Scottish Beekeepers’ Association.

> Advice on various aspects of beekeeping such as disease, marketing and spray liaison.

> Our affiliation with the SBA allows liaison with national organisations such as DEFRA and SGRAD. _________________________________________________________

To join Aberdeen & District Beekeepers’ Association:


OR alternatively you can download and print off a membership form here